Whole Genome and Microbiome sequencing platform designed for Asian Population

About Us

The first low-pass sequencing platform for Asian population

We use state-of-the-art machine learning imputation technology to accurately replace the missing data with substituted values at super low coverage

Our Team

We are team of one of world’s most cited/published bioinformaticians in genomics imputation technology from Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, KAIST, and Seoul National University.

One Genome provides an accurate and cost-effective solution to measuring genome-wide genetic variation. Low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing is an increasingly-popular high-throughput tool for large-scale genomics projects that traditionally have used legacy technology like SNP arrays.

One Biome

One Biome offers fast, reliable microbiome analysis using cutting-edge genomics and informatics. We help customers with initial design and sample collection through to data generation and full custom report generation.

NGS 기법을 이용한 유전자, 미생물 검사에 대한 비용을 획기적으로 낮출 수 있는 Computational Intelligence를 개발하여 DTC 사업에 필요한 다양한 툴을 제공합니다.